Ephemeral Harbours

There is shelter amidst the squallAway from the wild seas and tempests blown from the EastA grip strong enough to hold a ship together, that was barely holding herselfHow could harbours be as strong as they have?How do these harbours stand in the days of late?How would they fare?Do they carry on with such strengthContinue reading “Ephemeral Harbours”

A Garden of Light

It wasn’t the lights that attracted her to the place of pleasure and exhilaration,but she was beckoned by the calls of her childhood memories. Back when everything was different and she had the assurance that today would be just another day and tomorrow was something to look forward to. It was a truth that sheContinue reading “A Garden of Light”

As dawn approaches

My nose tickled by the smell of sawdust. A small flame on a matchstick ignited the piece of wood and paper. Soon, the itching sensation was gone, as the shards were engulfed in flames. At this distance, safe enough away from the small and tame fire, and near enough to the open door leading toContinue reading “As dawn approaches”


a- (prefix)1. not; without (Greek)2. to; towardsin the process of (an activity)in a specified stateonin(Old English) The back of her throat and her nasal cavity were burning from the chlorine content in the water. Her lungs were beginning to have the same sensation so she must’ve swallowed a little too much. Should she remain submergedContinue reading “Submerged”