Ephemeral Harbours

There is shelter amidst the squallAway from the wild seas and tempests blown from the EastA grip strong enough to hold a ship together, that was barely holding herselfHow could harbours be as strong as they have?How do these harbours stand in the days of late?How would they fare?Do they carry on with such strengthContinue reading “Ephemeral Harbours”

Colours Unseen

Intuition that was tainted with fearAnd interwoven with uncertaintyMalicious thoughts and ideas instilledSo much noises, unfiltered going inside and outTame in a fleeting moment but right in the nextIll-tempered with no apparent rationale to whyLost it was all hopes that we clung ontoLost it was all love that we worked hard onHubris was the downfallContinue reading “Colours Unseen”