An ethereal passingJudgements taintedA repulsive truceAn accord of bloodThat poured onUnceremoniously The wild yet caged creature screamedIn a voice far from solitaryIntents cascading into a prismatic spectrumColliding and fighting for dominanceA menagerie of sphinxes and sirensDeathless apparitions of the fleshThey speakA voiceless languageErupting like fireworksRupturing grey skiesAnd mired in a heavenless spaceOf hellish respite

“…the courage of stars…”

Within the first few seconds of the video, we see fragments of light joining together, back to the source. The footage of fireworks in reverse emulated the formation- the unity of these small sparks of light into a significantly brighter spiral of radiant glow. A halo. An orbit that moved inwards. Back together again. BackContinue reading ““…the courage of stars…””

The subtle shades of grief

It can almost be certain that in every adult life, there is grief. To an extent, we can all relate to losing someone or something in our lives that brought us to our knees, and that is what players can experience in the 2018 released video game Gris. This is a gorgeous game. I likeContinue reading “The subtle shades of grief”