Persona 3 Portable: From MC to FeMC

To many RPG players, it is common to find ourselves in the situation where we have to decide on the identity of our main character. And it would usually start with the question of which gender would you like to play as? To note, this does not reflect the players of how they identify themselvesContinue reading “Persona 3 Portable: From MC to FeMC”

“I’ll be Here”: A Tribute to Final Fantasy VIII

Video games have been growing rapidly in the past couple of decades. We’ve shifted from the flat 8-bit platformers to the photo-realistic action-packed open-world RPGs in a relatively short amount of time. The expansion and growth of this medium is only limited to the advancements of technology and the exhibition of creativity, which can beContinue reading ““I’ll be Here”: A Tribute to Final Fantasy VIII”