A Garden of Light

It wasn’t the lights that attracted her to the place of pleasure and exhilaration,but she was beckoned by the calls of her childhood memories. Back when everything was different and she had the assurance that today would be just another day and tomorrow was something to look forward to. It was a truth that sheContinue reading “A Garden of Light”


An ethereal passingJudgements taintedA repulsive truceAn accord of bloodThat poured onUnceremoniously The wild yet caged creature screamedIn a voice far from solitaryIntents cascading into a prismatic spectrumColliding and fighting for dominanceA menagerie of sphinxes and sirensDeathless apparitions of the fleshThey speakA voiceless languageErupting like fireworksRupturing grey skiesAnd mired in a heavenless spaceOf hellish respite

The How and Why of Binge-Reading

I recently read an article by Ben Dolnick, where he discussed about why we should start binge-reading. Like I usually do with online articles, I would give it a quick read and get back to whatever I was doing, while thinking to myself afterwards that I should start reading regularly again. Here’s the deal: IContinue reading “The How and Why of Binge-Reading”

unanalysable narcissus

She knew of inadequacyThough she hid it wellWithin a shallow bottleWith opaque wallsShe wore it around in plain sightThe perfect hiding spotThe slightest hintIn addressing the contentOf said bottleAnd she would dismiss itShe’d give her reasonsSeemingly strong onesYet she knew they were inconsistentEver-changingLike the smoke emitted from her cigarettesShe knew that with such a signalSheContinue reading “unanalysable narcissus”

Colours Unseen

Intuition that was tainted with fearAnd interwoven with uncertaintyMalicious thoughts and ideas instilledSo much noises, unfiltered going inside and outTame in a fleeting moment but right in the nextIll-tempered with no apparent rationale to whyLost it was all hopes that we clung ontoLost it was all love that we worked hard onHubris was the downfallContinue reading “Colours Unseen”

In the city

Here in the city that I hateEar-splitting noises are all aroundThe scorching heat scathes the soles of my feetSweating and palpitating from the surroundingsEthics are off the table because here we’re only niceto the ones we knowand those who benefits usDisgustThe smiles they’re pushing to me are criminalMuch disinterest enveloped in the battery-powered warmthI longContinue reading “In the city”

The Long-Awaited Goodbye

Dearest Oblivion, I come to you again to bid you farewell. I shall leave you, and no doubt that I shall try to forget you. We humans tend to forget things as the conscious mind is a labyrinth of words to unravel, so if there are more strings to untangle, I’m afraid that nothing muchContinue reading “The Long-Awaited Goodbye”