Clients’ Feedback

These are some of the feedback I’ve received from current and previous clients.


  • Rarely delayed on script (i.e. translations) submission, even so you will inform ahead so that we can plan accordingly.
  • Responsible for your work as you will do some research for the story and get to understand more on the characters.
  • Details with your work as you always translate in suitable sentence to match with the scene. Importantly is making the sentence in touch with Malaysia culture. Compare with others translator, most of them will translate bulat-bulat from the English, which I found it not interesting and boring.
  • Good thing is you always putting a note so that we are aware you were actually changing the context to make the dialogue more suitable.
  • Hardly found missing dialogue from your script, especially for overlapping dialogues, all translated in order.
  • Creativity in word choices to fit the lip sync, especially for lyrics part.


  • Very efficient and professional. Quick to amend as asked.


  • Work to a high standard and quality, far above what others are working with
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