Persona 3 Portable: From MC to FeMC

To many RPG players, it is common to find ourselves in the situation where we have to decide on the identity of our main character. And it would usually start with the question of which gender would you like to play as? To note, this does not reflect the players of how they identify themselvesContinue reading “Persona 3 Portable: From MC to FeMC”

Ephemeral Harbours

There is shelter amidst the squallAway from the wild seas and tempests blown from the EastA grip strong enough to hold a ship together, that was barely holding herselfHow could harbours be as strong as they have?How do these harbours stand in the days of late?How would they fare?Do they carry on with such strengthContinue reading “Ephemeral Harbours”

A Garden of Light

It wasn’t the lights that attracted her to the place of pleasure and exhilaration,but she was beckoned by the calls of her childhood memories. Back when everything was different and she had the assurance that today would be just another day and tomorrow was something to look forward to. It was a truth that sheContinue reading “A Garden of Light”

Takeaways: The Chef Show

takeaway (noun): a key fact, point, or idea to be remembered, typically one emerging from a discussion or meeting Throughout the show, we can see that both Jon Favreau and Roy Choi are continuously learning from other cooks about techniques that they’ve learnt and practiced, which is nice rather than having a singular Mr (or Ms) Know-It-All throughoutContinue reading “Takeaways: The Chef Show”

Blade Runner 2049 (2017): A Worthy Sequel

Warning: The following entry contains spoilers for the original Blade Runner (1982) and its sequel, Blade Runner 2049 (2017). If you have not watched these films yet and are planning to, I advise you to click away and come back after you’ve done so. However, if you’ve watched both of these films or if spoilersContinue reading “Blade Runner 2049 (2017): A Worthy Sequel”

The Write Intention: Part 1 (Glorious Grammar)

How many times have we picked up a book and after a few pages in, our eyes darted straight to a grammatical error that made us gasp! For who is the editor who allowed for such a dreadful thing? Or could it be that the author didn’t bother to even consider hiring a proofreader beforeContinue reading “The Write Intention: Part 1 (Glorious Grammar)”

The Unrelenting Test of Faith

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Angel’s Egg (1985). Film connoisseurs and enthusiasts usually have a list of filmmakers that they admired, or maybe even a list of filmmakers that they were not fond of. For me, probably not an original number, one of the filmmakers that is up there is Mamoru Oshii, who directed films likeContinue reading “The Unrelenting Test of Faith”


An ethereal passingJudgements taintedA repulsive truceAn accord of bloodThat poured onUnceremoniously The wild yet caged creature screamedIn a voice far from solitaryIntents cascading into a prismatic spectrumColliding and fighting for dominanceA menagerie of sphinxes and sirensDeathless apparitions of the fleshThey speakA voiceless languageErupting like fireworksRupturing grey skiesAnd mired in a heavenless spaceOf hellish respite